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Festive invitations too commemorate your baby's 100th day celebration. Add a photo of your little one, send via email, text, or shareable link, and track RSVPs.

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You’ve done it all—for an entire hundred days, you’ve experienced the joys and hardships of parenthood, from bonding during tummy time to lullabies through sleepless nights. Throughout all of this, your little one has done a stellar job of growing up while getting to know the world. After all that hard work, you and your baby deserve a celebration!

Use one of our unique stationery-inspired online Cards or animated Flyers to gather your family and friends to celebrate your baby’s first 100 days of life.

What is a 100 day celebration?

Traditionally from Chinese culture but now celebrated in many countries around the world, a 100 day celebration is an important milestone for babies after making it through one of their most vulnerable periods of life. Parents are also included in the well wishes—they'll be delighted to know that you're offering your support and sharing their excitement in this new journey. It’s a chance for friends and family to come together to support all you’ve been through while wishing the baby a happy future filled with luck and success.

What to bring to a baby’s 100 day celebration

Historically, a 100 day celebration was a chance to honor the baby by bringing them gifts such as red eggs (symbolizing fertility) and gold jewelry. These gifts are blessings for a prosperous and meaningful life full of good fortune. Items made from peach wood were also popular as it’s said to fend off evil spirits.

Additionally, baby clothing, blankets, books, and toys are wonderful options that any couple will put to good use. If it’s applicable, a post-birth care gift for the mother is also a lovely sentiment to include, but is not expected. Regardless of what you bring, the packaging can hint at the cultural significance of the event—wrapping it in red paper or sealing it in a red packet for good luck is a great way to honor tradition and pass your well-wishes on to the family.

The best type of invitations for a 100 day celebration

For a nod to tradition, you can’t go wrong with the color red as it holds substantial significance in a 100 day celebration. We offer elegant online invitation designs featuring varying tones of red accompanied with gold foil that speak to classic themes of fortune and prosperity. Alternatively, take a look at our sip-and-see invitations for something that speaks to a more modern style, or first birthday invitations for balloon motifs and birthday cake graphics.

With Paperless Post, any invitation template can be used for your baby’s 100 day celebration. If it has a head-turning design and you know it’ll grab your guests’ attention, go for it! With our online tools, you can customize the colors, fonts, and background so you can create an invitation that suits your style and reflects your party’s theme. Use our Blocks and Page Styles to tailor all the details, add photos, and share information with your guests. Or, upload your own custom design and use our tools to bring it to life.

Who should you invite to a 100 day celebration?

Immediate family members, grandparents, extended relatives, neighbors, and friends are all welcome on a 100 day celebration guestlist. Some families go all-out and rent banquet halls with extravagant decorations while others prefer a low-key event and host a more relaxed celebration at home with the people closest to them. Whoever you end up inviting, gather your nearest and dearest together to celebrate your baby for their 100 day celebration by sending an online invitation through Paperless Post.