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Introduce the newest member of your family with customizable adoption announcements. Add photos, send via email or text, track opens, and message with recipients.

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After so much anticipation, the time has finally come to announce your adoption. Welcoming a child into the family is a major milestone, and the event deserves every bit of recognition. An online adoption announcement from Paperless Post is a great way to spread the word that your family is growing.

When should you send an adoption announcement?

When you choose to announce your adoption is entirely up to you and depends on your unique situation.

Some adoptive families announce their adoption after their arduous home study has been completed and they’re ready to bring a new child home at a moment’s notice. Announcing the adoption at this phase lets your circle know you’re expecting—and invites them along on your exciting journey!

Other parents-to-be announce the adoption after they’re matched with a birth family—although they’re well aware that there are no guaranteed outcomes until the child is born and the adoption is finalized, they want to share their joy and excitement with those closest to them.

Many families are more comfortable announcing their adoption once the placement has been made and the child is finally home—and still, others wait to formally announce their new family member until the papers have been signed and the adoption has been granted by a judge.

Unique adoption announcement templates

We offer plenty of adoption announcement templates that are just as unique as your new youngster. With designs featuring everything from forest creatures to starry skies, it’s easy to find an announcement that suits your style. Our photo adoption announcement cards feature your favorite pictures of your newest family member—upload a single image, or get the siblings in on it with a collage of family photos.

Can you customize an online adoption announcement card?

Yes! Once you’ve found the perfect announcement card template, the fun continues with our easy-to-use design tool. Alter the overall color scheme, and play around with different fonts—a new typeface can instantly take your adoption announcement card from modern to traditional or casual to formal (or vice versa.) Use customizable Blocks to include additional details about the new family member or the adoption—including photos or videos.

Once your card is personalized to your liking, finish it with a customizable matching envelope, stylish liner, and backdrop to create a memorable experience for the recipient.

What do you include in an adoption announcement?

There’s no wrong way to word an adoption announcement. Some parents keep specific details to themselves, while others put it all out there. In general, if your new family member is coming to you as a baby, you could include their name, time and place of birth, and weight and length. For foster care or adoption announcements for older kids, include the details you deem appropriate—such as the child’s name, age, hobbies, and interests. If you’re looking for ways to make your adoption announcement as epic as it is exciting, and for more tips about what to include in an announcement, read up on some of our creative birth announcement ideas.

Announce it from the rooftops with Paperless Post

Although you’ve waited for what feels like an eternity for your new child’s arrival, you can send your online adoption announcement instantaneously via text, email, or shareable link. You’ll get notified when a recipient has seen the announcement, so if it remains unopened, you can send them a kind reminder with our guest messaging tool.