Apology cards

Messed up? Time to make up and make nice -- and our apology cards can help. Humility costs so little in return for a repaired friendship, and our free apology greeting cards prove it. If you know a good laugh is a great ice-breaker, utilize our apology card messages with cutting wit or a little self-deprecating humor. Clever graphics always help (i.e. a hand-drawn eraser that figuratively if not literally undoes past transgressions, or a truck that delivers an abundance of regret), as do silly puns that will crack a smile. If this is an apology card for your best friend (eek!), you’ll know best how to get through to them. No matter how you choose to reach out and make amends, you’ll find a design that expresses your sincerity with a bit of wit and warmth.

Once you choose an apology card template, use the online design tool to customize your design and message. It’s important for apologies to feel personal, so add an accompanying note that speaks from the heart and choose the font and text colors. You can also pick out a backdrop and envelope liner for your online greeting, and with the click of a button, your sentiments will be delivered to your friend’s email inbox. Then, the waiting game begins. We’re pretty sure your sincere (and maybe even a little humorous) apology will help thaw any iciness between you two, and that your friend will reach out to you shortly afterward. (But in the meantime, we suggest maybe giving them a little space.)

When you’re back in your friend’s good graces, be sure to stay there by remembering to send them birthday cards, congratulations cards, party invitations, and any other well wishes. And, you know, maybe set a reminder on your calendar for these things.