Back-to-school invitations

Back-to-school invitations

Celebrate the start of a new year with back-to-school party invitations. Whether it's for students, teachers, or parents, customize with a school logo and more.

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Back to school events

You’re probably ready to celebrate the last day of summer break, even if your kids are in mourning. Say “so long” to the dog days with invitations for back-to-school season that are perfect for PTA meetings, picnics, and every other engagement in the coming semester. Find invitations with backpacks, loose-leaf notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, and a shiny apple or two for the educator in your life. Hosting a back to school picnic? Choose an invitation set in a grassy park or one that features a kid-friendly boxed lunch (dibs on the juice box, please). From back-to-school birthday party invitations to back-to-school pool party invitations, we’ve got a school-season invitation to fit every possible need.

School event invitations you can make online

No need to get your hands sticky with glue and glitter—our online customization tools are considerably less messy. Choose new fonts and colors for your back-to-school invitation wording and set off your design with a colorful backdrop and envelope liner. Once your invitation makes the grade, put a guest list together in the online address book. You can import contacts from your personal and professional email accounts to make sure no one gets left out. (Bonus: we’ll save the guest list for you—it could come in handy for future school events.) Take attendance with online RSVP tracking that lets you know who’s coming, who’s busy, and who hasn’t made it to the bottom of their inbox yet—you can set that last group straight with a gentle reminder sent via guest messaging. When the party’s over, send everyone a link to your online photo gallery.

Back to school BBQ

Before your kids and their friends return to eating trays of chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes served via ice cream scoop in the school cafeteria, treat them to a back-to-school BBQ with delicious grilled food and fun end-of-summer popsicles. Invite parents, too, and make it a potluck.

School invitation

If you’re excited by the thought of hosting a back to school get-together for parents but aren’t quite sure where to begin, check out our blog filled with smart back to school party ideas. From school fundraisers to PTA meetings and school open houses, we’ll guide you through planning your event and, of course, choosing the perfect online invitation to send out to your guests.