Book club invitations

Free and Premium online templates you can make your own in minutes. Prefer paper? Browse hundreds of printable invitations available through our partner, Paper Source.

Open your salon to discuss fine literature (with some fine wine as a discussion aid, perhaps) with an online book club invitation—the perfect way to update your belles lettres. Invite your interlocutors to join you in the library with an elegant book club invitation template inspired by the first work of great papercraft, even if you’re planning on hosting guests in the living room. Designs featuring heavily stacked shelves of fine leather-bound tomes start the evening with a scholarly air. A view of your study from kate spade new york offers all that refinement with a colorful wink, too. Don’t let those beautiful tomes collect dust on the shelf, though. Find invitations that take a few stylish notes from classic type design and book cover illustrations. A design inspired by a Gutenberg press–set flyleaf or a comparably more modern Penguin Classic is the perfect first page to your literary rendezvous. Flatter your readers’ intellect with invitations featuring portraits of Austen’s heroines even if you’re planning on discussing the latest in vampire romance.

When you’ve chosen the right illustration for your own opening lines, make your bon mots sparkle with the online design tool. We happen to include some book club invitation wording ideas, because we know the pressure to live up to your club’s guest-of-honor (the author, silly) is intense. Personalize your party’s epigraph and pick out new type and colors to style it—your invitation’s design can go well beyond the limits of movable type. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but your partygoers will appreciate any additional care you put into choosing your backdrop and envelope liner for your online missive. If you’re assigning discussion questions to the members of your book group, they can confer with you on any planned topics with our guest messaging tools. RSVP tracking lets you know exactly how many chairs (and tumblers) to pull into the reading room.

Parting will be such sweet sorrow, but don’t worry, you can gather all your friends together again. Browse our invitations to other casual get-togethers—including viewing parties for all the miniseries adaptations of books you absolutely plan to read later.