Good luck cards

It might be a little early for congratulations, but a show of support won’t go unnoticed. Wish your pal a more-than-fighting chance with our sporting online good luck cards. Give them a mega-dose of luck with every form of well-wishing witchcraft you can muster—send them a card featuring lucky cats, lucky bamboo, golden horseshoes, and other auspicious charms. If you’re not one to believe in magic, you can still grant your friend fair fortune with good luck greeting cards that express simple statements beautifully. Bernard Maisner’s elegantly lettered calligraphy makes art out of two simple words—“best wishes,” namely. If you’d prefer to express those fond wishes with a little bit of cheek, witty cards from Mr. Boddington’s Studio and other witty independent designers and stationers help you send your friend into their next adventure with a jaunty joke.

Sometimes luck comes in the moments we most need it. For a friend whose excursion is taking them to far off locales, good luck cards for big trips and big moves make a beautiful bit of reading material on the long journey ahead. Wish them well with goodbye and good luck cards made for the occasion. For those traversing the groves of academe, good luck cards for exams are just the letter they want to see—right after an A+, of course. For those in the workforce, free good luck in your new job cards are just the ticket to professional admiration.

Once you’ve found the perfect card to send your pal, use the online design tool to add your Midas touch to the good luck greeting and good luck messages you wish to send. Craft your own words of wisdom and customize them with just the right font and matching colors. Give your online card a patterned backdrop and pick out a new envelope liner to greet your friend upon opening your missive. For those with all the good intentions in the world, but fewer time-management skills, schedule your good luck card right before your friend’s university exam or interview to make sure your sentiments arrive on schedule. It’ll arrive right on time, with only a modest amount of forethought from you. With all the good luck you’ve given, make sure to pick out a corresponding congratulations card—how could your friend go wrong?