Graduation cards

Graduation cards

Send congratulations to the recent high school or college grad in your life with our celebratory, ad-free online graduation cards. In a giving mood? You can even link out to a gift card.

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The hat is officially off. Whether you’re congratulating a new grad, announcing your own departure from the groves of academe (and sending thank you notes to match), or just ready to drop the blue books forever, make use of our online graduation cards. They’re smart enough to handle any test you put in their path. Yes, even those midterms.

Since you’re tossing the mortarboard literally (or someone is), you’ll find plenty of tassel-heavy designs on our graduation announcement cards. All the trappings of academia are well-represented in the graduation card collection, from caps and gowns to blackboards to book bundles to shiny red apples. All the better to wish them farewell. It’s all worth laughing about in the end—even if you’re looking at the loan statement. Our funny graduation cards hit just the sweet spot on this momentous change of life. No matter the message or the academic achievement, you’ll find graduation cards for you—and that includes high school, college, and even professional and nursing school graduation.

If you’re the lucky one graduating, and more importantly, the recipient of many fond graduation gifts from your family, we have the graduation thank you cards covered. You’ll find thematic graduation card designs as well as elegant thank you notes made for any occasion. And just as importantly, you’ll find a way to write graduation thank you notes extra-fast. Our smart online design tool lets you quickly customize your graduation card wording and even edit the type layout and font colors. If you want your graduation card to truly arrive in style, you’ll also have the option of picking out specially curated envelope liners, digital backdrops, and even cute online stamps. Sending your card is simple. You’ll likely have the one-off email at hand, but your address book has the email addresses of every past card recipient and party invitee you’ve reached out to in the past, and you can also sync your personal and school email accounts to make sure everyone’s accounted for. Once you send your graduation cards out, kick back, relax, and get ready for your trip onto the job market.