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Enjoy the great outdoors and help save some trees, too, with our eco-friendlier online picnic invitations. Track RSVPs and send your way: via email, text message, or shareable link.

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Picnic party ideas

Pack your picnic baskets and break out the gingham, nautical stripes, and red checkered everything (you might consider letting a corkscrew tag along too for when you and your buddies get thirsty). Warm weather calls for picnic parties with friends and loved ones, while basking in the sunshine and warm breeze and grazing on plenty of savory snacks or your favorite tasty treats.

If you prefer to ditch the picnic table, don’t forget to bring some cozy blankets for you to throw on a delicious potpourri of charcuterie, chips, pie, rosé, and adventure-filled memories (just making sure you bring all of the essentials).

Picnic invitation templates

Paperless Post has all sorts of picnic invitation templates, no matter the type of picnic you are hosting: picnic birthday invitations, picnic party invitations, picnic wedding invitations, and of course, family picnic invitations. Whether you and your friends are planning on catching up with a boozy daytime hang at your local park, or you and your date fancy a chasing-sunsets-and-star-gazing type of romantic picnic, we’ve got picnic invitations for all adventurous souls longing for some time outdoors (movable feast and cocktails not included). We think fruit skewers and skies make a great pairing, and there are plenty of reasons to take the party outside and enjoy the beauty of mother nature until the sun goes down.

Mix up your yearly family reunion by throwing a picnic or two with the help of our online and customizable picnic invitations. Celebrate with a simple and old-fashioned, no-frills picnic, or add a theme to take your lawn party to the next level. We support all excuses for spending time outdoors, quality time with loved ones, and great food. Fresh air and beautiful surroundings make for great company, so go ahead and couple the scenic view you had in mind for your outdoor festivities with a scene-setting invitation to match. Choose a fruity, watermelon-kissed picnic invitation to mirror the light, airy and breezy vibe you’re going for.

For a more rustic picnic experience, serve up invitations with an earthy and sandy wooden background or cute barnyard your guests will love. While life may not always be a picnic at the park, we can all agree that picnics are one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. So is the feeling of effortlessly sending your guests stunning and memorable invitations for every occasion. The beauty of the great outdoors is being able to customize what your scene calls for. So customize your card to your liking, and paint the picture-perfect pique-nique experience.

Let your guests save the date in style, let them know whether it’s in BYOB style and all other details that matter to you. Include any charming techniques you’ve mastered to ensure they won’t miss the picnic party, like the promise of outdoor games like relay races, food fresh off the grill, or however else you like to entertain (we trust your expertise). No matter how you choose to accompany all the delicious bites and red and white striped napkins, what’s most important is that the earth will feel the love from your picnic party above. That’s what picnics are all about, after all.

How to make a picnic invitation

When you’ve found a picnic invitation that pairs well with the theme, use our online design tool to customize your picnic invitation template fonts, envelope liner, and backdrop and lining of your card to whatever season you’re picnicking in. Our picnic invitations deliver online instantly and will be a welcome arrival in your guests’ inboxes.

Be sure to keep an eye on RSVPs for your picnic invitation al fresco function and get a head start on your headcount for leftovers, too. While we’re on leftovers, shoo the ants away from them before capturing some moments of your picnic posse that you’ll all be able to look back on soon.