Unicorn kids' birthday invitations

Make the party even more magical with unicorn birthday invitations. Personalize your unicorn template, track RSVPs, and follow up easily with guests. No ads, ever.

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Don't let generic invites dull your sparkle!

Ever heard of the saying "be a unicorn in a field of horses"? You can do just that with Paperless Post on your side to aid you with your unicorn party invitations. Stand out from the crowd with unique, personalized invites that let your little one's personality shine.

With so much planning that comes hand in hand with hosting a party, it can be easy to to overlook the importance of the invitations. But with an invite being the first communication of your child's big day, people underestimate the power of carrying your theme through to this first step. A well-designed invitation can help to set the stage for a fun and memorable event and create a stir of excitement that will help your party take flight.

When to send your unicorn invitations

Remember, your guests need ample time to get their manes trimmed, hooves painted, and horns polished! So once you have decided on the unicorn invitation template you would like to use, aim to have them dashing over to your guests around five to eight weeks before the big day.

What are the benefits of using Paperless Post for unicorn birthday invitations?

Offering a whole wonderland of unicorn invitation templates isn't the only feature of our site worth boasting about! With the option of sharing your invitations via text, email, or shareable link, you don't have to perform any magic to send your invites.

A trackable RSVP list means you can keep up to date with who is attending (after all, it will be handy to know how much glitter you will need to get on order!). And follow-up tools enable you to send important notifications and reminders to your guest list.

And, once the fairy tale has ended, we have a selection of beautiful thank you notes to communicate your appreciation to your guests.

How to decorate for a unicorn birthday party

The key to creating the perfect magical atmosphere is incorporating as many sparkles and glitter into your decor as possible. Balloons and streamers in pastel colors are a must, as are rainbows and stars. You can find all the elements you need to create the perfect party with Paperless Post Party Shop.

For an extra touch of whimsy, why not treat your guests to some cotton candy? It fits right in with the unicorn theme, and guests will love being able to nibble on it throughout the party!

What activities should I plan for a unicorn-themed party?

When it comes to hosting activities for a unicorn party, the sky's the limit! Let your imagination run wild and have the kids jumping for joy!

If you want to start your day in style, why not set up a face painting station where the little ones can have magical makeovers? You could also add some extra sparkle with glitter tattoos! If you don't mind things getting a bit messy, plan for a unicorn craft table where the excited partygoers can make their own unicorn horns to compliment their facepaint and take home as a memento. Consider Adding a touch of silliness to the party with a game of "pin the horn on the unicorn." Blindfold each child in turn and see how close they can get to pinning the horn in the right spot. The child who gets the closest wins a prize!